A supplier of security equipment to registered installers required an ecommerce solution with automatic updates and custom management options.

Stock and account information is copied from the company client relationship manager (CRM) and sent to the website via a transfer application. The application converts data into the website's format and transfers using a secure and encrypted connection, blocked to all other traffic.

Ecommerce with advacned search, ordering, filters and display options.

Specialist Supplier Ecommerce

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Categories are populated from CRM data and edited on the website without the transfer system reverting the changes. Each category contains a list of filters; each can be attached to products in the category for advanced display options.

Each product is created on the website with data from the CRM. The product is created but not published until an administrator completes the item with gallery images and document downloads not present in the CRM data.

Category editor; include a title, thumbnail, description and/or banners.

Stock levels pulled from the accounting database are updated to the website when changed. The e-commerce website has been configured to allow purchasing a higher quantity than is available; a warning will display indicating a delay in delivery.

Each client and product can be added to several price lists. The e-commerce system will select the cheapest price to display when several prices are available.

Products can be placed on individual or grouped offers with time or use limits and clients can apply discount codes during checkout.

Mangae category filters to allow filtering in your ecommerce page.

Clients are required to login to view prices, stock levels and start/reopen an order.

Purchases are completed through a payment portal or on credit with worldwide delivery pricing personalised for the given delivery address.

The website allows the marketing team to edit web pages, marketing banners and product information with a template content editor to easily develop styled and structured mobile-ready content.

Edit product categories, galleries, documents and related items.