A broker with agents throughout the UK and Ireland required a method for agents to submit risk assessments for verification.

The portal automatically calculates rates from the values entered but can be manually adjusted by administrators.

The verification process comprises of six stages as applications are verified by different departments. Each department is able to refuse the documentation and return it to the agent with notes for changes or adjust the data before it continues.

Once verified, agents can export a certificate and personalised documents detailing the terms and services included in the assessment.

Agent Portal risk index, choose date range or progress level.

Insurance Agent Portal

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The project uses multiple access levels with limited access and editing capabilities.

An agent submitting the assessment is notified of its progress as it passes through each department. Any changes are recorded with the previous values archived.

We worked closely with the financial service provider’s IT team to ensure the correct security procedures, including user tracking, automatic account blocking and multiple secure backup and restoration facilities.

Agent Portal risk editor, create eveluations and calulations from forms.