This company required a management system for company suppliers; installers, manufacturers, transporters and inspectors.

For internal use, administrators can create accounts for potential suppliers and keep in preview mode until the required documentation has been submitted and approved.

Store licences, qualifications and other documentation relating to the services and coverage of each supplier. Alerts are generated when a certificate or licence is due to expire or a project requires an inspection.

Supplier management software, login, new user and new supplier.

Supplier Management Software

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Active suppliers are searched when creating a new job with top suggestion criteria including service required, location and recent performance. Any negative performance issues are logged and multiple issues will create alerts before eventually removing the supplier from the active suppliers search.

Breakdown of jobs, including additional resources, personal and development timeline are entered to create orders for the suppliers selected. If the supplier is unable to complete the order a new supplier can be selected and the software will update the order.

Supplier management software dashboard.